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    Dikanda's USA tour.

         Ψ •  Between 14 and 29 of September  Dikanda will be touring USA. Details soon.



Here you can buy all Dikanda's

CD & mp3 :

die Deutsche Version




    Newses from YouTube.

         Ψ •  Two songs from new Dikanda's LIVE album:



jokoriste czarno:



Dikanda's mp3 on:




    Concerts, concerts..


     Ψ •  We're updated the tour dates.




    The new, double CD, live album of Dikanda, will be released in November!


   Ψ •  The album was recorded last year at a concert in Radio Gdańsk Studio.

Release date: November 2010.


track list:


  1. stoho bohu

  2. kokodoi

  3. ajde jano

  4. jakhana

  5. fani

  6. przebitki

  7. lazito

  8. jokoriste czarno

  9. ajotoro

  10. me minise i gapi mou 


  1. amoriszej

  2. amijasa

  3. temera

  4. żurawli

  5. dikanda

  6. usztijo

  7. ederlezi

  8. czajorije szukarije

  9. rassi

Here you can buy all Dikanda's CD & mp3


           Dikanda's quick chat :



     New photos


          Ψ We invite you to the new photo gallery, showcasing the concerts in Lwowek Sl. and, Szczecin / Poland.

photo gallery (flash version)

photo gallery (html version)



Come Visit Us on:



      Dikanda - Kaman Song - live. 

               Ψ •  Kaman Song ("Ajotoro" CD), live from  Eurofolkfestival 2010 in Ingelheim.




      Dikanda - on Facebook. 



    Ψ •  Dikanda's group on Facebook has already 1600 members.

Join us! :)




      Dikanda - official promotional video. 

               Ψ •  9 minutes of Dikanda, from concerts:   Malta - Poznan/ Poland,  Kana Theater - Szczecin/ Poland and Linz (Austria). Songs : Stoho Bohu, Sokolmi, Kokodoi, Jakhana Jakhana, Kaman Song, Lazito, Rassi. Have fun :)





      Gusta mi magla - live !

               Ψ •  Dikanda performs Gusta mi magla Serbian traditional song from Strpce, Kosovo. Dressing room - Zakopane/Poland, concert - Linz/Austria. 02/03.2010.   Lyrics here. Enjoy! :)




      New Dikanda's  CD - live.  Soon !

             Ψ •  We are working at our 5th CD. That will be a live album. More details - soon



      Newest unpublished Dikanda's song - live !.

           Ψ •  We are inviting You to watch and  listen to newest Dikanda's song : "Rassi".

Concert in  Kościelisko / Poland (02.2010).



     Song from "Ajotoro" album: "Kaman Song". Solo on Jew's harp : Daniel Kaczmarczyk :


     And just for fun. Dressing room - warm up before concert in Witkacy Theater - Zakopane - Poland   (02.2010)




      Dikanda in European capitals.

              Ψ •  During its progressing European  tour, Dikanda will visit Vienna (21.11) and Budapest (20.11) among others.

more ...



      Swinka Halinka feat. Dikanda - Music from the beleaguered city 2009.




      Dikanda at Colours of Ostrava Festival 2009.





      Piriwiejsa - live.

                      Ψ •  Beautiful! Two minutes a cappella.

From left: Kasia Bogusz, Ania Witczak, Kasia Dziubak.



    Photos from Night of Museum.

    Ψ We invite you to the photo gallery, showcasing the concert at the Night of the Museum, Warsaw / Poland.

photo gallery



    New tourdates and highres photos .

      Ψ • We   added new tourdates and photographs in the high resolution.  We'll add some lyrics soon.




    New photos.


       Ψ • Have a look at the photo gallery from Dikanda's performance in the Church of Heart of Jesus in Szczecin.


photo gallery (flash version)

photo gallery (html version)


Dikanda's music in  horror movie !



         Ψ •  17th of October in the studio of the Polish Radio in Szczecin, Dikanda's musicians improvized a  soundtrack to the classic horror movie "The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari" (1920).


We are inviting to watch and to listen to samples of this unusual performance:


1. slideshow (youtube)

2. photo gallery



Mp3 :

1. Caligari 1 - 04:03 - 3,8 Mb

2. Caligari 2 - 02:58 - 2,8 Mb

3. Caligari 3 - 02:58 - 2,8 Mb

4. Caligari 4 - 07:13 - 6,4 Mb

5. Caligari 5 - 02:00 - 1,8 Mb

6. Caligari 6 - 02:10 - 2,0 Mb

7. Caligari 7 - 03:28 - 3,2 Mb

Dikanda's concert  live in radio and the Internet !!


     Ψ •  7th September at the 20:05 hr in the studio of the Polish Radio in Warsaw, Dikanda will play a concert, broadcasting live via radio and  Internet.

see the studio ..



New photos


    Ψ • On the 29th of June, Dikanda, gave a performance  on fusionfestival in Lärz (Germany).

Below some photos of the event:


photo gallery




New photos

          Ψ We invite you to the new photo gallery.

photo gallery





New photos

          Ψ We invite you to the new photo gallery, showcasing the concert in Kana theater, Szczecin / Poland.

photo gallery


news 2007:


50 thousand visits to !

     Ψ • Since 2004/24/02, we have had 50,000 guests here on We're very happy that, with the help of the Internet, we can be with you and share our music. Thanks and don't forget to come back :)



Welcome to

 the official website of Dikanda.            

Check this website often for new information on the band, to download mp3s, to view videos, or to browse our huge photo galleries.



Dance workshops - photos..


      Ψ • On the 11th of August we've had the pleasure of performing for dancers and choreographers from around the world at the workshops in Brolin (Germany). See for yourself :

photo gallery






     Ψ • On the 6th of August, Dikanda, along with other groups straight from Szczecin (HEY, Indios Bravos), gave a performance for the closing party of TALL SHIPS' RACES 2007.

Below some photos of the event:


photo gallery



Dikanda in castle.

   Ψ • During Saturday night, long after midnight, on the corral of the Pomeranian Dukes' Castle (Szczecin/ Poland), Dikanda performed for the grand finale of the  International Street Artists Festival. 

photo gallery 1

photo gallery 2



Dikanda on Malta.


       Ψ • The last week of June saw two concerts by Dikanda on the Malta Festival in Poznań (Poland). The first was in the venue tent; the second performance, final to the festival, was on the big stage at the lake Malta.

photo gallery venue tent

photo gallery big stage


     Photos from Vienna's Ost-Klub


        Ψ The web page of the OST-KLUB in Vienna has a gallery of photos taken during the performance Dikanda gave in the venue on 13th april 2007.

photo gallery


     Dikanda in RTL Luxembourg.

news 2006:

     New photo gallery.


      Ψ We invite you to the new photo gallery, showcasing the concert in "Alter Ego" club , Szczecin / Poland, which took place on the 8th of December.

photo gallery

04.10                                                                                                                     Ireland photos.

     Ψ At the beginning of last July Dikanda gave a show on the Cairde Festival and the Clonmel Junction Festival in Ireland. In Clonmel, a collaboration with the band Alafia made for an electifying show by both bands.

more ...


Two new live mp3's.

               Ψ We added two new live mp3's from concert in Zakopane (Poland)

more ...



Here's a true gem, a 1990 poster for Ania Witczak's recital (click to enlarge)


29.06                                                                                                                      Dikanda in jailhouse.

       Ψ 13.06 Dikanda performed in the jailhouse in Szczecin (Poland). A concert in such an extraordinary location sets off emotion and amplifies stage fright. However, world music helped break the ice and made that evening special and memorable.

more ...


the picture from the concert in Kreuzburg - Berlin  01.05.04

23.04                                                                                                                      Live in Vienna


       Ψ During the spring tour Dikanda has played in Vienna ("Szene"Club ). We invite you to the :    



A map  of Dikanda's  European concerts - here


09.02                                                                                                                      New photo gallery

            Ψ Few nice photos from concert  in Slupsk - Poland -  (23 january 2006).




news 2005    news 2005    news 2005 :


"Usztijo" the Folker magazine CD of the year 2005

        Ψ "Usztijo" was chosen as the record of the year by the readers and journalists of the prestigious German magazine "Folker"

more ...


Photos and a review

          Ψ We invite you to take a look at our photo gallery from a very atmospheric site - Bad Hersfeld - and to read a review of Dikanda's summer performances (in german)

photos       |     rewiev...


Three performances, workshops and a vacation


    Ψ The last week of May and the first two weeks of June were another of Dikanda's french adventures. They played in Niort - Le Moulin du Rociin Correns, on the Festival Les Joutes Musicales. They have spent a few days between the shows on the beaches of the Bay of Biscay. See how they spend their time working and resting...

photogallery ...

16.05                                                                                                                     Travelers photos


         Ψ Dikanda on the road again. Here are new photo gallery : " Road to Paris - April 2005"


19.02                                                                                                              "Folkherbst" awards show.


         Ψ  On 29.01 in Plauen, Germany Dikanda will be awarded the first prize in the 13th edition of the Folkherbst competition (see photo).

more info...

        translated by damian marcinczyk  
15.01                                                                                                              Dikanda's first prize     

      Ψ During the autumn concert run Dikanda took part in the 13th edition of the Folkherbst folk music competition in Plauen, Germany. We have learned out that both the jury and the spectators gave Dikanda the first prize. The winners' concert will take place on 29.01. in Malzhaus - Plauen 20.00


more info...

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